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Always follow the correct procedure to ensure your mask fits correctly and, dispose your masks in a bin to help our environment.

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Frequently Asked Question

Masks should not be worn underneath the nose or dangling around the neck – they should either be fully on or disposed of.


How does it work?

A mask is only as effective as its fit. There should be no gaps along the side, around the nose or under the chin that would allow air and droplets to bypass the filter medium. The mask should always be properly adjusted to fully cover both the mouth and nose. A well-fitting mask stays in place over the nose and cheeks and even a regular mask will prevent fogging of eyeglasses if it fits properly. Masks should not be worn underneath the nose or dangling around the neck – they should either be fully on or disposed of.

How do I know my mask fits correctly?

  • The aluminium nose piece is at the top;
  • The white (or smoothest side) is on the inside against the wearer’s skin—the colour always faces out; and
  • The pleats fall downwards and away from the nose (called a "waterfall" pleat).

How long does delivery take?

Our delivery time is a priority just like the production of our quality Australian made masks. We strive to ensure that your order gets to you as soon as the full payment is received. Our aim is to get it to you within 48 hours. Some larger deliveries may take longer due to alternate transportation that maybe required. Please speak to our staff to also discuss your delivery requirements.

Where do you ship to?

Oz Manufacturing can ship your delivery locally, nationally, or even internationally. We are committed to delivering our Australian made masks to where our customers are. We understand the importance of using a quality Australian made product and supporting Australian business – we will ship to you!

How to dispose of the mask after use?

Unless contaminated, masks can be disposed of with the general waste, preferably a closed bin. A closed bin is a bin with a fitted lid. Where the mask is contaminated it should be disposed of in a closed bin, preferably one that does not need to be touched to place a contaminated mask inside. A bin with a foot pedal or other hands-free mechanism to open the lid would be appropriate. The bin for contaminated masks should contain two bin liners to ensure the waste is double bagged. Double bagging minimises any exposure to the person disposing of the waste.

A mask would be considered contaminated if it:

  • has been worn by a symptomatic worker or visitor to the workplace, or
  • has been worn by a close contact of a confirmed COVID case, or
  • is visibly soiled or damp.

What is the shelf life of a single use disposable face mask?

We recommend that our face masks have a shelf life of 2 years. Face masks that are past their shelf life, however, could be used if the demand is high. Ensure prior to using past the shelf life that the ear loops are intact; there are no signs of visible damage and they can be fit tested.

For any further information or assistance, please call and speak to our staff on 1800 OZ MADE.